About the Conference

For established practice owners,

practice acquisition, 

new practices.


The Dental Business Mastery 2-Day Conference:  is here to help you build a better business.

With two days of speakers presenting on establishing strong, viable dental businesses, this conference delivers the insights and guidance you need to achieve your goals.

There were 10,800 dental practitioners in Australia in the year 2000. That figure has nearly doubled to 20,800 in 2018. This growth in competition has forced dental practice owners to become better at setting themselves apart.

Why would patients choose you over the other practices in your area? Gentle patient care, modern technology and a broad list of services IS NOT a unique offering. Becoming the practice of choice in your area requires you to be the practice your ideal patient is seeking. During the 3-Day Conference, you will discover the practice you need to create to be the dentist of choice.

While the number of dentists in Australia has increased, the number of available talented auxiliary staff has decreased. Attracting and retaining a top performing team is a new challenge in the industry. A great team is never created by chance. Find out the structure and systems that foster dynamic teamwork and get the best performances from everyone.

A business owner and a team who achieve outstanding results do so when working from a place of PASSION. Attendees will discover the strategies that enable you and your team to tap into this most powerful resource. Imagine how much you could accomplish if your team had the power of passion, wisdom, and the right information, beliefs, the proper skills and enough clarity, focus and support? If you’re smart, hard-working, well-intentioned and STILL not making the progress you think you should be making, this conference is for YOU!

The location and design of your practice play an enormous role in designing the ideal practice for your market. This 3-Day Conference will reveal the secrets you can use to create the space that compliments your patient’s values and engages them in their treatment outcomes. You and your team will also see enjoy the benefits from building an environment that is designed for efficiency and productivity.

Regardless of what stage of business ownership you are in, attendees will walk away with solid, valuable advice that will increase your confidence to move boldly towards achieving your business and personal goals.

You will walk away from this conference with;

24 non-scientific CPD points

Rewards Pack with over $20,000 worth of value

Tools and insights when choosing the ideal location for your practice

Clarity around your practice vision and brand

Ideas for designing a practice that is both in alignment with your brand and functions for efficiency and productivity

An outline of your marketing strategy

The structure of the ideal team environment and plan for creating your best team

A deep understanding of how to manage your team to achieve top performances

Goal achievement strategy

Systems for a well managed, efficient and productive practice

Strategy for Key Performance Indicator tracking and monitoring

The confidence in yourself to take the steps necessary to achieve your goals.







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