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Kovess International

You are in the right place to explore and discover the steps to take you to where you want to go. Charles Kovess is here to personally assist you, backed up by his unique and amazing 45 years’ of business and life experience. Kovess Executive Coaching is specially designed for each client, including YOU, by Charles Kovess.  There are no short cuts. Engaging with Charles in this coaching process is guaranteed to generate a selection of the following outcomes for you:

Increase your levels of self-awareness and understand its importance and relevance to leadership.

Discover your passion

Discover how to earn a living by pursuing what you are passionate about

Gain ideas and strategies and insights into improving work/life balance.

Identify where you are out of balance in your mental, physical or spiritual elements and then design strategies to improve this

Identify the key factors that make you who you are.

Gain insights into which of your strengths are worth developing, and which weaknesses you wish to overcome.

Identify your personal philosophy as a guide to your thoughts and behaviours into the future, including the power of clarity and compassion.

Identify your personal philosophy so you act with increased wisdom and personal power, and your life is fulfilling for you

Improve your strategic influencing skills, particularly by gaining new insights into human behaviour and motivation.

Learn how to be more agile in changing environments.

Learn how to reduce your stress, even in the most stressful environments Identify skills that you wish to develop over the next five years

Clarify your short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals.

Clarify your values and the hierarchy of these values.

Clarify your beliefs.

Identify and implement strategies for weight loss and improved fitness and health

Identify strategies that will increase your attractiveness as an employee/team member for any organisation that you want to join

Gain additional insights into leadership qualities and behaviours.

Identify and then harness the stimuli that will get you into action to change your behaviours and then create support mechanisms to assist you in behaving in these changed ways

If this is what you are looking for, you are in the right place.

Dental Management Expertise

Dental Practice Management Consultant

Dental Management Expertise


Let’s face it….the demands, stress & competition in the business of dentistry is overwhelming leaving dentists working twice as much for less money. It doesn’t have to be that way. Engage the help you need with a plan that fits your budget. See the benefits of increased income whilst working less.



Julie Parker Practice Success

Practice Management Educator & Online Learning

Julie Parker Practice Success


If you want your dental practice to achieve greater success, then you are in the right place!

Achieving a top performing practice requires implementing the right systems, training your team, delivering outstanding customer service, developing strategies for growth and establishing powerful and sustainable foundations.

Julie Parker Practice Success delivers training and guidance in all of these areas.



One Dental

Australia's preferred supplier for Dental Education

One Dental


One Dental is a family owned Australian wholesale dental supply company which imports and distributes hundreds of clinically proven and innovative dental products across Australasia. We are well regarded for our provision of a comprehensive assortment of quality instruments, educational manikins and teeth to teaching institutions throughout Australasia.

Sales are made directly to universities, hospitals, teaching institutions, dealers and the dental profession through our experienced sales force and product specialists, together with our knowledgeable, trained customer service staff.

One Dental prides itself on providing superior service to clients.  One Dental is also quick to respond to new, evidence-based market trends, ensuring the company remains a dynamic, service oriented business which promotes high quality products at competitive prices.



One Dental has a central warehouse and office facility in Castle Hill, Sydney, with a sub office in Brisbane, despatching orders daily to all parts of Australia, with most clients receiving their orders within 48 hours.


One Dental has a knowledgeable, efficient and strong team of dental professional experienced sales people who enjoy a close business relationship with clients, backed up by the One Dental friendly, helpful Customer Service staff in our Sydney head office. We understand the importance of education and training on the products and en

sure there is training and support for various product ranges.



Levitch Design Australia

Dental Practice Design & Fit-Out

Levitch Design Australia

Levitch Design Australia (LDA) are multi-disciplinary healthcare design and construction specialists.

Established for over 25 years and credited with designing some of Australia’s most successful practices, LDA combines both the art and science of healthcare practice design.

With Australia’s most experienced team of healthcare practice specialists at your service you can rest assured your needs will be cared for in a most detailed and comprehensive way.

With the success of your practice always in mind, our services are tailored to dovetail with the needs of your practice and with your busy schedule so that nothing is overlooked in the transformation of your new practice.

We have found that practitioners are delighted with this approach, which requires detailed input at the beginning of each stage, but minimal time commitments throughout the rest of the project. This enables us to transcend geographical boundaries delivering projects throughout Australia and surrounding regions.

Most practitioners embark on this process well aware of the commitment and resources required to bring it to fruition. What LDA provides is the specialised consultant skills that will facilitate the project in the best possible way. Working together is a rewarding, intense and often ground breaking experience.




Property Advisory


1Group was born from an aspiration to become innovators and leaders in the real estate space, an industry that tends to be poorly managed, with a vision to create a business that has a positive impact on people’s lives. We build genuine relationships with every client and provide a service where trusted advisors have your best interest at heart, always.

Co-Founders Julian and Tal worked collaboratively across their Melbourne and Sydney based businesses for a number of years, supporting each other’s clients and sharing research. It was a natural progression to join forces and create one firm that has extensive expertise and resources, operating across the Eastern seaboard. Most importantly, Julian and Tal share a common vision to be the most trusted people in property. 1Group is both big enough to offer you a comprehensive service and cutting-edge research, and small enough to remain personal and nimble in the market. Our team provides a boutique level of service, but with the knowledge, resources and skill set of a large agency.


ML Private Clients (MLPC)

Accounting Firm for Medical & Dental Practitioners While you take care of patients' physical and mental health We take care of your financial health.

ML Private Clients (MLPC)

ML Private Clients (MLPC) are a proactive accounting firm specialising in the medical profession that utilises the latest in Cloud Software to streamline processes and create efficiencies both on a business and individual level.   Our Virtual CFO service is everything you would expect from a traditional business accountant but with a twist. Because we streamline the process of doing business we can spend more time with our clients in analysing their business and provide real value through our unique performance platform.   Our Family Office service is for the medical professional/s behind the business on an individual level. This is where we work with our network of advisors in delivering more than just a tax return. It’s about assisting our clients in reaching positive goals.   If you would like more information about MLPC and what we do, please contact us.


3M Oral Care

Science…is just science. Until you make it improve the world.

3M Australia

At 3M Oral Care, we promote lifelong oral health by developing innovative dental and orthodontic solutions that help simplify your procedures and deliver predicable clinical outcomes. With a history of leadership in the dental and orthodontic industries and a scientific approach to product development, we create the high quality, advanced products you need to keep your patients smiling.


Macquarie Bank

Thriving in change a new perspective on the business of the future.

Macquarie Bank

Thriving in change

A new perspective on the business of the future


Alecto Finance

Alecto Finance is a boutique mortgage and finance broker providing specialised finance solutions to medical professionals and small business owners.

Alecto Finance

There are many finance options available for Dental Practitioners

  • No deposit required to buy into an existing dental practice, no deposit required to buy a practice
  • Working capital available to expand existing practices  (secured and unsecured rates)
  • 100% funding available to purchase or rebrand a practice
  • Interest only for up to 5 yrs. to maximise cash flow
  • Borrow up to 95% for owner occupied housing, no mortgage insurance.
  •  Working capital available for new start-ups and existing businesses
  •  100% Equipment finance and car finance available


Angus Pryor - Dental Profit System

With a market flooded by hundreds of new competitors every year and the growing crunch of corporates and insurers, Australian dentists are asking: how can I keep my practice on top?

Angus Pryor-Dental Profit System

Practice Growth Marketing Specialist, International Speaker and #1 Amazon Bestselling Author and has been called Australia’s most social media active and practical dental marketer.


Enrich Finance

Commercial and business lending solutions

Enrich Finance

Enrich Finance is a boutique mortgage broking business delivering holistic financial service solutions. We are committed to working with our clients to achieve deliverable outcomes to support both their personal and business objectives. Enrich Finance is a Melbourne based finance broker. We understand your profession and that your time is of the essence. We can arrange a time to meet that is suitable for you.


Dental Innovations

Exclusive savings, expert insights, support from peers.

Dental Innovations

The genesis of Dental Innovations came from independent research conducted by Merv Saultry in the 1990s.
He’d been asked by a group of dentists to research commercial practises for the industry, and what he found was shocking. Dentists paid vastly different prices for the same products, and it was clear that smaller independent dental practices paid too much for dental supplies.
Independent dental practices needed access to lower, fairer prices. But they couldn’t achieve this on their own.
They needed a way to organise themselves to achieve group buying power, and have a single point of contact with suppliers to negotiate the best rates. The Dental Innovations Network was launched in 1997, and today 600 practice owners save money every day through exclusive discount pricing.
They also discover ways to run a better, more profitable dental practice, benefiting from new ideas and best practises shared within the Dental Innovations Network. With the Dental Innovations Network, you and your team can focus on what matters most – your patients and your profession.
To this today, we continue to operate as a family business, built on the values of openness, honesty and integrity. Today, 600 Practice owners continue to save money with exclusive discount pricing! With 50 specialised business services and member networking, the Dental Innovations Network assists you to systemise your practice and increase your bottom line profitability. With the Dental Innovations Network, you and your team can focus on what matters most – your patients and your profession.
We are a family business established in 1997



Dental4Windows is Australia’s leading dental practice management solution from Centaur that enables the success of dental practices.


Dental4Windows is Australia’s leading dental practice management solution from Centaur that enables the success of dental practices. Designed by Sydney Dentist Dr. Frank Papadopoulos, Denta4Windows was established in 1992 with the aim to create software capable of managing all the functions of a dental practice. Dental4windows (D4W) has over the last 26 years evolved into the most popular and the best-selling dental practice management solution in Australia and is also in many other countries. D4W is based on the principles of a robust and powerful central database and offers a unique and dynamic solution that grows with the requirements of your practice. D4W  is designed to keep your practice at the leading edge of practice management technology, effortlessly linking intelligent appointment scheduling and comprehensive practice management with complete clinical function to deliver efficiency and productivity.


A range of new D4W integrated features have been implemented including an online marketing portal, D4W Marketing, DVA online claiming, patient payment plans with National Dental Plan , new integrated payment and claiming solutions (from ANZ and Tyro).There is automation for recalls, reminders and debtors to increase practice efficiency and your profitability. The continuing range of new features include cloud options, practice analytics , a range of eServices such as online appointments, , Partner integrated solutions and award-winning support and maintenance. All combine to make Dental4Windows the No. 1 choice of Australia’s leading dentists. To arrange a demo of Dental4Windows call 1300 855 966 or visit www.centaursoftware.com.au


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